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Our office is situated in Sopot on the Baltic Sea coast

Our company is experience in services for partners in Poland and Scandinavia

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The establishment of the company in 1996 is the result of an analysis of the Polish market needs.

a show for your PR event

The application of multimedia and IT is an effective method for accomplishing results which lead to our clients' satisfaction.

We handles the following:

Co-operation with organisers of various multi-lingual events Meetings,  conferences, fair events, workshops. Translation services (consecutive, simultaneous,  written, dialogue) for international conventions, cultural events, fair ventures, symposia, seminars. Assistance in companies presentations on the Internet - to the needs of the Polish market on the basis of existing or new materials Videoconference systems Recognition of the clients' needs always governs the selection of applicable equipment. Co-operation in preparing EU aid funds applications Our firm is experienced in preparing EU aid funds applications
  Since 1999 we work in Poland on projects for Stockholm International Fairs - the leading exhibition centre in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea Region, which offers more than 80 fairs open to the trade and general public and welcomes nearly 1,000,000 visitors each year, including approximately 10,000 companies representing 50 countries from around the globe. Stockholm is ranked as the third most popular congress destination in the world and offers outstanding possibilities to host international meetings.

A good show for your PR event !

The Gypsy Magic
Elena Rutkowska
dance & music show

Elena Rutkowska &
Walentyn Dubrowski
rusian music
(org & pl)

Anna Katarina Schatzl
English, French,
German, Japanese,
Slovak, Swedish

The Gdansk Contrabass Quartet


Four faces
of basses

The Quartet's repertoire includes the best-known pieces of music from the Renaissance and Baroque to contemporary evergreens. 

 Jazz & Christeen for your event in Sopot, Gdansk, Gdynia

 The best Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band for events in the Baltic See Region

The Monkey Funks




mC glennSKii - vocals
Wierzba - vocals, guitar
Kris - guitar
Mlynek - drums
Gooretzky - bas


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a picturesque town with 40 thousand inhabitants

Our office is situated in Sopot on the Baltic Sea coast

Located along the shores of Baltic, Sopot is sandwiched between the two large cities of Gdansk and Gdynia, thus making up a natural centre of the Tri-city conurbation with almost one million residents and a centre of the province of Pomerania.

In spite of the world-wide recession and the trend to wind up companies, the demand for tourist services is a natural variable in Sopot and as such it determines the continuous growth of business activity of its residents.

Currently there are 29 hotels, 2 camp sites and a complex of summer chalets offering approximately 5000 beds. There are around 80 discos, pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Sopot has occupied the top position in the nation-wide ranking of municipalities with the highest development potential, conducted by the Regional Studies Centre.


Gdańsk 2016EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE - The idea of the programme Gdańsk 2016
Freedom of culture, culture of freedom - this is the motto of the campaign aiming at winnig the title of the European Capital of Culture 2016. The decision to apply for this title was made by a broad-based coalition of artistic groups and the authorities of the Metropolis. This challenge was taken on with awareness of the uniqueness of Gdańsk and its special meaning for the entire continent. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, contemporary Europe would not be a proud community of democracies without the heritage given by Gdańsk - FREEDOM, DIALOGUE, SOLIDARITY AND CIVIC SOCIETY