An event city Sopot is the seat of EZ Poland

 aims at facilitating contacts and providing services for firms in Poland and abroad

Sopot is great for your PR event

and here is established our headquarters

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under this terrace

 2 bars & TV screens
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Every Wednesday Jam Sessions

Molo - the promenade pier in Sopot is one of the most popular Polish recreational and entertainment venue

The land part (the Spa Square) is the area of 20.000 m2.
You can find there: a beautiful old-fashioned fountain, a lighthouse with a scenic panorama of the shore, the band shell and catering points, all surrounded by green areas.

Hotell Sharaton is the nearest neighbor

There is a band shell,
where the music is played for 100 years

A Modern Spa with Traditions

Ever since its foundation Sopot has owed its air of magic to its natural setting, the sense of entertainment, flair of elegance, and most of all the milling visitors.

Sopot is unique in its successful blend of the preserved nostalgic climate of the pre-war times and dynamic contemporary development sparkling with attraction and entertainment. This is due to the city’s exceptionally rich cultural programme and new opportunities it has gained through bold investments changing its image

The contemporary Sopot extends beyond the delightful sandy beach and the longest timber pier in Europe. The name stands for the most popular Polish walkway in the street named after the Heroes of Monte Cassino, popularly called „Monciak”, the idyllic moraine hills, and finally the city canopied with the ever-present green. The name Sopot also stands for the Forest Opera – the city’s hallmark. As experts say, it is one of the most beautiful sites of the kind in Europe and exquisite for its acoustic properties. Following modernisation, as of 2012 the Opera will take an audience of up to 5100. The unquestionable attractions of the spa include the hippodrome, one of three facilities of the type in Poland. The grounds stretch scenically over the area of 40 hectares and as such offer an excellent venue for other alternative celebrations, meetings, and events.

The spa today is dotted with more than 200 clubs, pubs, discos, and restaurants, places both cultic and unforgettable. The choice is rich, if you want to have a delicious meal, sip a cup of exquisite coffee, arrange a meeting, or indulge in active rest

For example, the description of Sopot published by the organizer of the event

Conference Center

The European Forum for New Ideas is organized in the city of Sopot, a charming resort on the coast of the Baltic Sea, famous for its striking architecture, scenic beaches, and air of hospitality.

The participants may enjoy the comfort of the Sheraton Hotel Conference Center located right on the pier. The panel discussions will be held in conference rooms of the Sheraton Conference Center and nearby Grand Hotel and Haffner Hotel. The plenary session will be staged at the glass pavilion built especially on the Sopot beach for the guests of the Forum.

In order to accommodate our guests we made reservations with selected hotels in Gdańsk and Sopot.

Sopot, a vibrant resort community brimming with life

Together with the cities of Gdańsk and Gdynia, this neat resort makes up the Tricity metropolitan area, with a population of over one million people.  Art Nouveau apartment houses, villas lost in green gardens, delightful coffee shops, cultural events and the warmest sand beach on the coast of the Baltic Sea, give the city unique allure, which charms and attracts over two million tourists and visitors each year. Parks, gardens and forests spread all around and account for 60% of the city area, which translates to 250 square meters of green space per resident.

Sopot never sleeps. The famous walking street, Bohaterów Monte Cassino, brims with a great nightlife. At dusk, as the last guests leave numerous clubs, cafes and pubs, fishermen set out to sea.

While taking a walk down the streets of Sopot one cannot miss the beautiful beach and the longest wooden pier in Europe. This is a true showcase of the city, a popular venue for concerts, cultural events and health walks, as the concentration of iodine at the tip of the pier is twice as high as on land. The South Park features mushroom shaped fountains spurting saline water of therapeutic benefits, coming from the depths of 800 meters.

The mountain of Łysa Góra is an interesting destination point, a unique place to enjoy skiing with the perfect view of the sea in winter and a panoramic view of the city in summer.

The Forest Opera is another symbol of Sopot. Its open-air roofed amphitheatre is acclaimed to have one of the best acoustical properties in Europe. For the past 40 years, the Forest Opera was home to the Sopot Festival and Opera Festival.

Forest-covered hills conceal the Forest Stadium, one of the most beautiful field competition stadia in Europe. The city centre features Hippodrome, the scenic horse race track, a place of many entertainment events.

Fans of water sports may visit with the Sopot Sailing Club Hestia Sopot, which hosts the most prestigious events of the ranks of the European and World Sailing Cup.
Sopot is a city of many faces and each has its own appeal. One day is definitely not enough to get to know them all. This is a city where you want to come back.