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усилитель и FM-приемник производства

Aрт-проект @ Gigabyte GO-MB1600B


Мультимедийный привод – версия Gigabyte
Музыкальный автомат или Gigabyte GO-M1600B

A perfect combination of a standard Digital Video Disc drive and an audio signal processor, the GO-M1600B enhances a personal computer system into one independent unit and transforms its disc drive into an exciting audio/ MP3 player / FM Radio even without booting up the PC system. In addition, the GO-M1600B with a slim-design (standard 5.25 inch), users are able to upgrade the device without hassle. Enjoy audio with high quality sound effects through SRS WOW without any software, and couple it with a card-sized remote control, a car style elegant and sharp VFD front panel and you have a dreamy experience when playing CDs, MP3s or listening to FM radio for ultimate relaxation and harmony in your life.