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drawing by Per Oscar Dahlberg

The melomania cluster
on the southern coastof the Baltic Sea

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to be used with equipment for faithful reproduction of recorded music

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(se) Musik är inget kontorsprogram
(ua) Музика не офіс програми
(ru) Музыка не офис программы 
Muzyka to nie aplikacja biurowa

for both artictic visions and galleries,
attractive bars and modern DJs

4 Your Music at individual order

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4chSound PC
Enjoy the new Windows surround sound or classic quadraphonic

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Match your speakers with furniture !

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constant cooperation

Stockholm Poetry Salon

Ideell förening
Stockholms Poesisalong

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ANNA - KATARINA SCHATZL (se) (sl) (pl)
a befriended multilingual singer

She is the Executive Assistant in the project>

Elena Rutkowska

Actress, singer, composer, creator of stage programs. A graduate of the Theater Academy in Kiev. Born in Croatia and currently lives in Poland. She gained professional experience working in theater and television in Poland and Ukraine. She also hosted television programs for the Ukrainian minority in Poland.

Artistic program 4 wine-related events
music and songs - Balkan, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian)

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