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The melomania cluster
on the southern coastof the Baltic Sea

drawing by Per Oscar Dahlberg

meetings with World Music broadcast weekly on a Polish radio show

organized in various places as a facebook event

BienSound PC
optimally configured for music playback
4 Your Music at individual order
(se)Musik är inget kontorsprogram
(pl)Muzyka to nie aplikacja biurowa
(ua)Музика не офіс програми!
(ru)Музыка не офис программы!

Analog technology is still best for electroacoustic conversion
- digital for preserving recorded music
and passing it on

Audiophile PC 4 Your Music & EAC >
(se) Audiofildator 4 Your Music & EAC >
(pl) 4 BienSound PC i EAC >

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Stockholm Poetry Salon

Ideell förening
Stockholms Poesisalong

photo reports>

Anna - Katarina Schatzl (se) (sl) (pl)
a befriended multilingual singer

She is the Executive Assistant in the project>

Elena Rutkowska

Artistic program 4 wine-related events
music and songs - Balkan, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian)

Actress, singer, composer, creator of stage programs. A graduate of the Theater Academy in Kiev. Born in Croatia and currently lives in Poland.

She has been performing for years with many artists on stages throughout Poland.

She establishes close contact with the audience both in small towns and large cities

She gained professional experience working in theater and television in Poland and Ukraine.  She also hosted television programs for the Ukrainian minority in Poland.

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